Contact us for Support via email or chat

Use the ‘popup chat window’ you see on the bottom-right of this page


How can I do partial/full cancellation of my flight ticket?

You need to submit a request from here.

How can I make some changes in the flight ticket booked earlier?

You can submit the re-issuance request from here and our support team will help you accordingly.

How much refund amount will I get on cancellation?

The flight cancellation charge depends on the airline, the sector, class of booking and the time of cancellation. Some flight tickets are not even refundable and its displayed in the search results for every flight option. Once you submit the cancellation request, it gets reviewed by our support team who will contact you and inform you about everything.

Refund amount will be credited in BTC equivalent of the INR involved and it will be calculated as per our exchange rates at the moment of sending you the bitcoin.

How do I get my e-ticket?

An email with e-ticket will be sent to your email address and currently the text message with e-ticket on your phone number is configured in a way that has to be sent directly by associated Airlines. However, after the beta phase is over we plan to send text messages from Flybit for every ticket booked from our website. Users who wish to view/download/print/email the e-ticket later from our website can do it from here by providing your PNR, First Name and Last Name.

Can I store my bitcoins on your website wallet for using them when I book tickets?

Flybit does not have any bitcoin wallet for the users and advise to use your own wallets which give you the freedom to own your bitcoins. Ensure that you have the private keys with you for the wallets.

How do I sign up?

Sign up option is only available on the pre-payment page as its not required to register for booking the flights and is optional.

Why do I see few extra fields to select on booking page for some flights? (Meal, Baggage etc.)

Meal, baggage and few other options are Airlines dependent and may not be similar in every case.

Low cost carriers like SpiceJet, Indigo and few others provide options in SSR(Special Service Request) category like meal, baggage etc. which is optional and chargeable. To know the default fare and baggage rules applicable on any flight ticket, you can click on ‘Fare and Baggage Rules’ on the right-top in the booking form.

Bitcoin payment instructions

  • If the transaction is unconfirmed on the network for more than 30 minutes, we might contact you or cancel your booking in some cases.
  • Please avoid sending BTC with less fees. Check bitcoin trxs stats for more information about fastest and cheapest transaction fee on or Bitcoin TX Fee Rates