Why bitcoin?

  • Bitcoin is the only decentralized network which also provides bitcoin as a cryptocurrency. Its borderless, trustless, secure, no chargebacks, open source, censorship resistant and the future of a better financial system. Bitcoin doesn’t care about your origin, gender, religion or anything else associated with your identity.
  • The usage and adoption of bitcoins has increased worldwide to certain extent. However, there is a lot of scope for improvement and bitcoin merchants in India are almost negligible.
  • We know its going to be a difficult journey, especially trying to bring a change in India where crypto users are very less compared to overall users in the world. And most of the Indians buy/store/sell bitcoins as a commodity like Gold. But,we are not here to practice the easy things. We will keep trying until we succeed to bring the positive changes and the people become more aware of bitcoin and its use cases.
  • The traders, investors, freelancers who earn bitcoins as payments and every other person associated to crypto-world who own bitcoins should be able to use them in real world.
  • Travelers, tourists, guests, artists, NRIs, etc. who come from other countries to visit India or vice versa, should be able to book their flight tickets without experiencing the issues. Most of the times they end up paying more when exchanging their currency to local currency and finally using it for booking flight tickets and use elsewhere. There are very few or may be no websites which accept International Credit Cards and provide flight booking for domestic flights in India. And not everyone have those cards and they are certainly not going to provide cheaper transactions.
  • Bitcoin will not completely challenge the old financial system, which was created and is managed by monopoly of few actors known to everyone until its adoption and usage increases.
  • We don’t think bitcoin is only for trading and multiplying your money to stay happy with the current financial system.
  • flybit users who own and use bitcoins, don’t need to pay fees and taxes while you sell your bitcoins on any exchanges and then use the fiat money to book flight tickets on other websites which already provide flight booking using traditional payment systems.
  • We offer cheapest fares, so directly using bitcoins to book flight tickets be the smartest option. Also, we will soon offer free cabs with every domestic flight booking which comes as a bonus. Other things to improve the traveling experience will also be added in future.
  • flybit, is a project by Bitserve Technologies (Bitserve is focused on building projects that revolve around Bitcoin, Cryptocurrecies and Blockchain). Although Flybit is basically a bitcoin merchant and a startup project to make the traveling experience of the flyers better, we have bigger plans and dreams to contribute as much as we can to the Bitcoin community and also bring more people to join the revolution by educating them about Bitcoin and not just the bitcoin price!
  • We believe in Bitcoin and will not accept any altcoins as payments.
  • flybit is prepared for every situation you might think of when doing business by providing the flight booking service using bitcoins in the current scenario but will persist until we succeed in the long term.

“With e-currency based on cryptographic proof, without the need to trust a third party middleman, money can be secure and transaction effortless”