Who we are?

A group of logical thinkers who believe in change, 'change for good' which makes sense.


  • Provide better traveling experience for flyers.
  • Offer flight tickets at best prices with some add-ons.
  • Help users if they experience any issues and give quality support in time.
  • Resolution to the problem comes first everything else next.
  • Educate and spread awareness about Bitcoin.


Simplicity, Transparency, Logical Thinking, Flexible Approach and Goal is always to provide the best experience to our users.

Initial thoughts


We believe in doing business with honesty. Profits and sustainability matters for any business however there are some things above all this and its about delivering more than what is expected by the users.

We did a survey in Bangalore before we began this project by asking random people about their traveling experiences, suggestions and few questions about Bitcoin. I had a plan and few things in my mind to try and make the overall traveling experience better for all the flyers but wanted to get some key points from other people who travel frequently. This has helped a lot and will motivate us to make Flybit better with time and meet all the expectations of travelers.

I have also worked in customer service industry for sometime as a technical support representative for one of biggest cloud serviceĀ providers, so familiar with the things that customers experience and expect from support team of any product or service. I also understand how business process and rules were sometimes used to ignore some genuine customer requests. So learning from my experience, I will ensure we provide our users with the best support which is friendly, professional, on time and gives priority to resolution. I am also a web developer, programmer, Bitcoin enthusiast (more than just an enthusiast by now) and part time cryptocurrency trader so will always be in touch with crypto community and understand the expectations of people who are involved in Bitcoin.

I am also thankful to everyone who has helped me in making ‘flybit’ a reality.

Special Thanks to Qasim, it was not possible without you šŸ™‚

Any suggestions for us? I am always open to recommendations, requests and constructive criticism.

Prayank Gahlot